Reign of Winter

Interlude: Abandonement!

Journal Entry of Eirwyn Le Snaedis

My party has fled into the night. I found a note from Kaito saying that the battle with the zombies and the cleric was too much, and that they had decided to flee and leave the village of Heldren to perish. He said him and the others discussed it long into the night, and decided they had not the stomach to lay their lives down for some backwater little town. They had left me out of the decision because he knew Eirwyn was too brave to flee, but he suggested I flee anyway.

I must admit, I thought about it. Without a band of brave warriors to aid me what chance did I have. The zombies were strong, and as always I need protection. While powerful in my own right, I am no match on the frontline. What chance have I alone…..

But alas, that call of winter is too strong, no matter how much sense it makes. If my old mates be cowards, it be time to be brave. I shall have to find new comrades! I am no fool, I will not throw my life away! Surely someone in town who is strong and stout will be willing to fight for what is right! And I shall answer the call of winter, its icy grasp flows strong through my veins right now! I, Eirwyn Le Snaedis shall see this through no matter how many abandon my side!



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